RACECO.Riding focuses on organized cycling events that enhance the cyclist lifestyle. Our Guided Cycling Division inspires first time riders or riders unfamiliar with local cycling the opportunity to ride quality equipment on trails and roads with knowledgable cyclists from the area. Our Skills Division takes riding one step further by mentoring riders in the know how to properly ride bikes in many different conditions, building trust between rider and bike. RACECO.Riding organizes group rides within our communities to build camaraderie and assist cyclists in rides knowing they are part of a group that will encourage them. Additionally, RACECO.Riding provides a specialized service for corporate groups and large groups to provide an alternative team activity for visitors to our areas.

Guided Rides

Renting a bike can be challenging, and RACECO.Riding is designed to simplify the process. As a first-time cyclist, the idea of renting equipment and being turned loose on unfamiliar trails and roads can be, well, frightening. Many times, more advanced riders visiting our areas would love to ride local routes, and riding with a fellow cyclist from the area makes this possible and more enjoyable. RACECO.Riding Guided Ride division provides the opportunity for first-time riders and visitors to our area to ride quality and well cared for equipment, with an experienced guide. Our guides know the areas, understand skill levels and can adjust rides to fit the group. Many times, riders new to cycling will be unfamiliar with equipment - our guides are also manufacturers' reps of sort and are armed with knowledge of the equipment and riding techniques to explain how equipment works and teach new cyclists some of the basic fundamentals of cycling to enhance the overall experience.

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Skills Division

Mission Critical Skills

Mountain biking is all about being out there, shredding trail, and taking in the landscape around us. This often leaves a rider with a mind free of the common distractions many of us harbor on a day to day basis; all those emails, reports, deadlines...and the day to day monotony that comes with life. Any mountain biker will tell you there is no better release. It’s that free feeling to explore the natural terrain beneath us — but it also requires more technical skill than any other form of riding. The reality is, many of us rode bikes as children and didn’t really know how - we didn’t need to know. We hopped on and rode and it was easy. We would simply use childlike intuition which often came with very little risk, yet yielded a high reward. However, as adults, we have an overwhelming responsibility to our families, employers, and those that depend on us day-to-day and it can be stressful to mentally calculate this risk and evaluate its reward. The reality is most of us don’t really understand how and why a bike works the way it does on it's own let alone how we work a bike to our advantage.

The RACECO Skills Division "Ride Right Experience" addresses skilled riding through mentoring. Under leadership of Justin Mattison, trust is built between rider and bike by building a mechanical and physical understanding of how a bike works. Imagine taking a turn through a berm. Now, imagine the same turn through the berm after understanding not only how the bike is built to take the turn, but the rider should be situated physically on the berm. The second is a much more confident experience.

Below you will find our detailed Skills Clinic checklist. We are extremely confident that once one has conquered our advanced handling drills, techniques on visualizing trail and obstacles, a detailed overview on braking and acceleration, and all of these paired with hands on coaching, a rider will walk away with a much greater understanding of the bike-to-rider relationship, a sense of confidence, the feeling of relaxation, and insane bike fluidity.

Proper Bike Setup

  • Saddle Height
  • Reach
  • Touchpoints
  • Suspension setup
  • Understanding how a tire is designed and why

On Body Prep

  • Footwear
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Protective


  • Berm
  • Manual
  • Wheelie
  • Edge
  • Tabletop (Jump)
  • Pump-track
  • Double (Jump)
  • Pumping
  • Preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression

Basic Drills (parking lot)

  • Cones
  • Pedal placement
  • Visualization
  • Upper-body
  • Mid Section
  • Lower Half

Advanced Drills

  • Cornering, loose surfaces (flat turns)
  • Cornering, loose surfaces (with berm)
  • Navigation of Steep terrain
  • Pumping obstacles
  • Off Camber navigation
  • Breaking traction to gain traction
  • Timing your braking
  • Timing your acceleration

Body Position

  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Feet

Weight Transfer

  • Front wheel
  • Rear wheel
  • Loading suspension
  • Unloading suspension
  • Body weight fore and aft
  • Centerline Mass



Our Expert

Justin Mattison, the son of accomplished Kansas City/Olathe cyclists, first started riding in 1984 and never looked back. Donning his white mushroom foam helmet with mesh cover, neon spandex shorts and riding his steel Trek 420, his passion for biking took form. Years later, Justin is himself an accomplished cyclist especially within the mountain biking circuit. He's competed in several high-stakes races including many of the NORBA & Big Mountain races and focuses on aggressive trail riding. Today, with influences from top riders like Kurt Vories, John Tomac, Brandon Semenuk and Steve Pete, Justin heads up the Skills Division for RACECO in Colorado. During his clinics, he hones on his own riding style and experience, mentoring students proper riding techniques and building trust between rider and bike. Justin's specialty is working with women and children and his special mentoring style has built this trust time and time again.

NOTE: When we interviewed Justin, his answers were so amazing, we felt we should post his interview for all to read.

Justin Mattison's Interview

Early Career

Where were you born / where did you grow up?

Kansas City Kansas, grew up in Olathe, KS there is way more Mountain Biking in Kansas than one would think!


When did you start biking? Who taught you to ride? Are they an accomplished rider?

1984, My Mom and Dad lots of people actually, many are/were accomplished cyclists. I did my first 175mi ride with my Dad when I was 10. I'll never forget it he took me to do the MS150 in Sedaila MO it was a million degrees and we opted to do the extended loop the first day. He bought me a Steel Trek 420 I had the big Mushroom Foam helmet with the mesh cover. I looked like a complete dork. I had spandex shorts that were baggy (was sooooo skinny)

How did you learn your skill - did you train under anyone?

I don't feel you have ever mastered the Art of Mountain Bike Skills it is an ongoing learning experience. You should be learning a new skill technique, or trait each time you ride.

Who has the biggest influence on your skill?

Kurt Vories, John Tomac, Brandon Semenuk & Steve Pete to name just a few!

When was your first competition - how did you do?

1994 Lawrence KS, at the River Trails I'm pretty sure I took 5th out of 28 juniors. Again it was sweltering hot, muggy and buggy. True Midwest riding....we are soooo spoiled out here in CO

Career Advancement

When did you begin to focus on your skill?

After my first competition in a Mountain Bike Observed Trials Competition. It was an eyeopener, and super cool to see what you could do on a bike.

How long have you been doing this?

Riding 22 years and 12 years mentoring

What are 3 things that make you good at what you do?

Passion, Love, and unbiased consideration for all walks of life.

What are 3 things that are important to your trade or business?

Dedication, professionalism, being humble and remembering where you came from.

What influences (people, work, etc.) helped you hone your skill?

Speed, Safety, and being able to have the most fun possible on a bike

What types of riding do you focus on - what is your specialty?

I like to focus mostly on aggressive trail riding and technical terrain where my wheels are hopefully not on the ground very often. (Skidding don't forget skidding)

You don't just teach people how to ride, what else do you do?

Sales Consulting, (Bikes and Home Solar Energy Solutions) Design and engineer bike parts, bike and body relationship analysis, and am a Father to 3 children, and husband to a my BEAUTIFUL wife Ashley.


Who is / are some of the top riders you've trained?

What are the top 5 races you've completed? How did you place?

  • NORBA National Snowshoe, WV
  • NORBA National Park City UT 8th place
  • NORBA National Durango, CO 22nd place
  • Mountain States Cup Angel Fire, NM
  • Big Mountain Enduro Angel Fire, NM
  • Big Mountain Enduro Keystone, CO

Where is the one place you dream of riding some day?

New Zeland, Chile, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan.... I could go on and on and on there are so many amazing places out there on this beautiful spinning blue chunk of rock!!

Social Action

You work with young riders - tell me about that.

I have taught more than 150 kids to ride without training wheels, the JOY that they have on their face that moment that they understand they are doing it all on their own is PRICELESS! We can all relate to that feeling and the sense of freedom it gives! Kids, teens and everything in between are great they are just sponges and want to get better, and they really listen.

You also work with at-risk youth - also tell me about that.

You have to understand that some kids never get the opportunity to ride a bike and the fact that I can give these guys, and girls that experience is amazing. Its something that I feel all children should have the privilege of taking part in.

What is your special approach to encouraging women to ride?

Women are AWESOME they don't typically carry the ego some of the guys out there, they just want to learn. It's all about listening and being a real positive source of encouragement. I have been the pushy boyfriend or husband that just wants my wife or girlfriend to just "get it" the first time out but it takes more than that. Honestly we all learn differently regardless of gender, the main thing is to show not tell!

Home Life

Where do you live?

Littleton, CO

Why do you live there?

Great trails nearby, great people, great beer (shout out to Grist Brewing Company) and its beautiful.

You have a family - do you all ride together?

We all try to get out and spin whether its around the hood, or some fun Colorado dirt. It's a blast to see the smile on the kids faces plus I like to do something stupid to get a reaction out of them...HAHAHAHA

What is your favorite regular riding spot?

Deer Creek, it's SUPER technical and the technical section in the middle tends to leave the upper loops untouched. Really tough climb, that trail really burns and makes you work for your turns. Plus you never know you might almost run over a black bear. (I leave that story for another interview.)

Where are we most likely to see you out riding?

In the Spring I usually hit the Front Range in Denver (Dakota Ridge, Deer Creek, Lair O' the Bear, White Ranch, or Mount Falcon. If we are talking Summer time it try to get up high (above 8 or 9,000ft) resorts are great. When you can spend time on the lift, I find it gives you a chance to get a work out on repeatable terrain. However Monarch Crest trail is amazing, and so is Kenosha Pass, those give you time in the saddle and lost of opportunities above treeline. And in the Fall its always nice to get out to the desert (Fruita, Grand Junction, Moab)

What do you do when not riding?

I love music, especially live music, and one of the best parts of Denver is Red Rocks so there is that! We also love camping with the family. I love the water so its nice to get out to SO-CAL for some beach action we have some great family out there and it's always nice to take a trip out to see them.

What do you do in the winter?

Build Snowmen!! Just kidding, I love to Snowboard its like Mountain Biking with pillows.



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Group Rides

At our RACECO.Riding division, we're attracted to group riding, and we also care about the cyclists that want to ride with the group. RACECO.Riding organizes several types of rides to encourage cyclists to get out and ride in a group. These group rides are designed to attract cyclists of all skill levels and encourage riders to be comfortable riding in a pack. If you ride in a RACECO.Riding group, our dream is that you'll gain confidence and love to ride.

Corporate Events & Large Groups

For companies or large groups that are looking to move away from the classic bar and restaurant settings into a more active and fun event, RACECO.Riding has developed several programs featuring organized rides. Our events include equipment and guides necessary to create a fun activity for such groups. We also provide rest areas for engagement and resting along with catering by local restaurants. The main idea behind the Corporate Events and Large Groups division is to provide a fun and safe activity for your group while traveling.

Onsite accommodations can be fashioned to fit your needs as well. If you just want to meet in one place and ride from there, our division is fully equipped for this kind of event. However, if you're looking for a high-end professional setting that includes a comfortable rest area with quality food and service, we are also equipped for that. Our catering utilizes some of the best food truck and restaurant services available in our areas. We can even take it one step further if you're looking to impress!


RACECO understands the competitive nature and has created several STRAVA groups for cyclists to join that allow them to feel like they are part of a group, find new routes from other cyclists and gauge their own progress by comparing their own past routes as well as their times against other members of the group. Below are a few groups you might consider joining:

STRAVA: RACECO Racing Club Page (https://www.strava.com/clubs/racecodotorg)


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