Emerald ECU
(Specifications to follow)

£595.00 + VAT

  Duratec fuel injection loom
(Specifications to follow)

£325.00 + VAT
  Weber Pico injectors
330cc or 480cc

Weber "Green" and Pico injectors

Pico Injectors 330cc and 480cc
£69.00+VAT each

NGK Road plugs grade 7
£4.00+VAT each

NGK Iridium grade 8 race plugs
£12.00+VAT each
  Pico 490 cc 12 hole cone spray pattern injector

Better fuel atomisation than the 480 cc Pico. Can run in the throttle body or trumpet from tickover to flat out.

RRP £137.00 + VAT each.

Raceco price

£109.00 + VAT each