The Evolution of a Cyclist focuses on the evolution of cyclists by fostering the different types of riders. The Four Pillars of represent these areas:

  • RIDE: This first pillar represents all cyclists from first time riders to the most advanced. RACECO.Riding provides the infrastructure to help cylcists evolve from first time riders into comfortable and knowledgeable cyclists.
  • RACE: As riders evolve, athleticism and competitive natures come alive. The natural progression for evolving cyclists is to move from everyday riding to racing. RACECO.Racing feeds the competitive athlete by developing many different types of races that are designed to integrate with the ever busy work and personal lives of cyclists.
  • TIME: Once a cyclist is in a comfort zome in the early race experiences, the competitive nature of the athlete takes over. Time becomes an essential part of that process. RACECO.Timing facilitates just that by providing athletes with tools to track race results and progress. race results and progress.
  • TEAM: As cyclists continue to evolve into the advanced stages of competition, the desire to become part of something bigger begins to take shape. "The Dirty Dozen Race Team" by team fosters this desire by saturating high-performing cyclists into a larger team environment.

Throughout this evolution process, the pillars begin to take shape. Each pillar intersects as they become the essential makeup of a successful cycling lifestyle.


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